Alliance Francaise de Saint Louis
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  • 1/1/2014 - Important dates for 2014

    TERM DATES Break: Jun 23 to July 6, School CLOSED T 5: July 7 to Aug 16 T 6: Aug 18 to Sept 27 T 7:Sept 29 to Nov 8 T 8: Nov 10 to Dec 20 Break Dec 22 to Jan 5, School CLOSED --- CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2014 July 14th: FĂȘte Nationale, French independence day (Fee) August 20th: C...
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  • 7/14/2014 Upcoming Classes

    The Alliance has begun to bat around a few ideas for new classes in the upcoming months. Please contact the address that appears below to indicate your interest in the following: - a Tuesday morning class focusing on improving your skills in written composition. (upper-intermediate to advanced lev...
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  • 7/16/2014 - Register now for new class term

    New courses are offered to help you master the French language. New term begin every 6 weeks but you don't have to wait , you can jump in the middle of the session! Email Karla TODAY at Ple To register, click and return this online printable mail-in read more]